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Sanctuary Hair, Health & Beauty is thrilled to bring you this famous, international brand which offers truly therapeutic benefits. By activating all the physiological systems (lymphatic, vascular, muscular, respiratory, and cutaneous), it provides deep and lasting well-being as well as visible beauty results.  

PAYOT Paris Body Treatments

Come and unwind in our beautiful PAYOT Therapy Room, within its own private waiting area. Here you will be greeted by your therapist and under go your personal consultation. As part of this a sensory test will be carried out, so that your therapist knows which of our PAYOT body oils best suit your body and mind. Then all you need to do is relax, unwind and let your therapist work her magic.

Spa treatments at salon prices! We aim to deliver the best treatments in our area.

Rebalancing (Fjords) 60min £35

Relaxing Swedish inspired massage. Restores a sense of lightness to the body by relaxing tight muscles and eliminating toxins. A deep down detox for the body and spirit. 60 minutes of pure luxury with the added benefit of cellulite stimulation.

Stress Relief (Polonese) 60min £35

Rebalancing your chakras with this complete unwinding of the body, mind and spirit. Loosen tension and relax the muscles with this ultimate release massage. For those who need to let go of anxiety and stress. This treatment will also help promote a healthy sleep pattern.

Energising (Cashmere) 60min £35

A wow cashmere treatment to detox and help release toxins from the body with this enlightening energy flow massage. Fantastic treatment for anyone with tight, tense muscles or injuries. A sense of serenity grows within you until the body and spirit are aligned again.

Sculpt Body Detox 90mins £40

Refine, re-sculpt and anti cellulite body treatment. Includes body mask, exfoliation and full body massage. A detoxifying luxury body treatment helping to remove waste, reduce cellulite, combat problematic digestive systems and restore mental wellbeing.

Treatments cannot be carried out during pregnancy.

Treatment Frequency: One treatment every 21 days