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Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist (SPMA)

Microblading & Semi-permanent Makeup

Laura Buturcă

We are delighted to have the talented Laura Buturcă holding regular clinics at Sanctuary. Laura has over 10 years experience and is the founder of The Mirror Makeup School and Hair Studio. In addition to this she delivers courses on Microblading and Semi-permanent Makeup. The skills and craftsmanship Laura possesses are second to none.

Amazing treatments and unbeatable prices @Sanctuary Hair, Health & Beauty.


Laura believes that all women are beautiful and can achieve the perfect look.


Semi-permanent eyebrows are taking brow styling to the next level! 

A good set of eyebrows can revolutionise the face by visually lifting, opening up and accentuating the eyes. It is the life changing solution for over plucked, over waxed, thin and patchy growth, those suffering from hair loss conditions, such as alopecia, and those who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. This superior treatment is water resistant and smudge proof which will enable you to always be at your best. This is the optimum treatment and time saving tool for for pool and gym users, and those with hectic schedules.  

Laura, the semi-permanent makeup specialist, discusses with clients their needs and wants prior to treatment. You will be guided by Laura to the right brow shape and method. First class after care advice is given. Sanctuary and Laura recognise that every one is unique and therefore she produces customised brows, not one style fits all. This ensures that the client acquires a perfect natural look that will have them feeling transformed. 

Ombre & Powder Brows




Fusion Eyebrows (ombre, powder & microblading)



How about not spending time trying to outline your eyes every morning or worrying about removing all the liner on an evening? For all the ladies who go to the gym or the pool it can be extremely disappointing when your makeup smudges. So that you always look your best, without the effort, Laura provides you with a semi-permanent eye-sharpening technique.

Eyeliner (upper & lower)



Lips are the symbol of a woman’s sensuality; the size, shape and colour are the mark of her personality. You will obtain beautiful proportions and also the perfect colour. This frees you from the time spent in front of the mirror trying to outline them, or worrying about the fact that your lipstick has worn off during the day.

Lips -Ombre


Top Up Treatments

Laura offers top up treatments 2 to 3 months after your first procedure. These are offered at half of the original price.